The International Cuture Camp is just end today.

I've learned quite a lot, including being mature, drawing the blueprint,
imploving the thinking method, of course , English-speaking skill.

We got 10 lectures during the camp, each of them all about differnt kind
of fields. There are three of them I like the most.

1. The Cultural Identity of Chinese American /
     The Global Competition and Innovation in High Technology

Patrick Chang is an American Born Chinese.

+ The Hi-tech nowadays might become primitive few year later.
   The one on the cutting edge is what we called Hi-tech.

+ Creativity ┬Expertise knowledge
                   ├Creative thinking skills

+Innovation, the key success factor
  Creativity: Production of new ideas in any domain.
  Innovation: Implementation of new ideas in any doamin.
     - In chinese: "創意" vs "創新"
     - Key point: Get rid of habits!!!

+ It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor
   the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
                                                              ── Charles Darwin

+ No magic, but basic.
   Think magic, act basic.

+ Thinking critical is the method, not the purpose!

+ Try not to be the slay of others (ex. boss, teacher, parents ...)
   You are your own master! But don't be your own slay!

2. Think Globally , Act Locally.

    Allen is a bother of the department of English , NTNU.
    He told us a lot of his personal experience being with foreigners.
    Also, he spoke out the disillusion of American Dreams.
    Because the education system and culture in Taiwan, we usually
    think with a lot of blind points or ridiculous point.
    He just pointed out, for example, as we talk to the term
    "foreigner", we usually think about the English speakers.
    Actually, the most biggest foreign group in Taiwan are people
    from Thailand, Philippian, Indonesia ... etc. But why don't
    we be active to speak to them? Totally different situation
    if there comes a white person with blonde hair ...

+ International ... not! 國際化 ... 才怪!
   This issue talks about we are trying to do something being
   more international, how come the truth is not.
   Imitate the US?

+ No standard accent!? Our English!? Your English!?

+ Global Map (know well & correctivey about the world? )

+ Forget the sterotype, try out-of-the-box thinking.

3. Work Hard, Play Hard , Make the Most while Playing Your Role!

+ What do I deserve? Do I good enough to deserve so?
   Or how to get it? Raise the quality of life!

+ Make use of the time wisely and effectively. Prioritize!
   Make the most out of what you are doing.
   Word Hard. Play Hard? Play Smart!!

+ Write the realistic plan
   Step by step
   Stick on plan faithfully

+ Broaden / expand the horizon

+ Avoid peer pressure! Be Assertive! Don't push yourself!

+ Find your own "Unique Selling Points" !!!
   They make you stand out! Make yourself proud!
   What have you done today to make you feel proud?

I think I would write the others in Chinese,
or I can't describe the feeling precisely. :P

This is the UK's promotion for the Olmpics 2012. What a touching video!!
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